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My book is now available

"A Nice Day for Flying"
Garry J Gallagher

"Garry has pieced together a unique blend of personal stories that reveal the real faces of those key figures involved in the lead up to and the actual moment when a beautiful Darwin wet season morning was shattered by a rampant Japanese ideology.

Garry’s ability to review, discern, and construct personal histories from both sides of the conflict, make this an important historical memoir for Australian, American and Japanese readers alike.

A great read for anyone looking to get up and personal with what really happened during the Bombing of Darwin period - 5 stars"

David C Armstrong (Distance Education Teacher: NT School of Distance Education)

"He who turns tightest gets the first shot in"
- Fl. Lt. Allen Mawar, Spit re pilot.

Fl. Lt. Robert McMahon couldn’t turn his Kittyhawk tight enough inside the Japanese Zero.

McMahon ... ‘My plane must have been hit with more than one hundred rounds of machine gun re, but I was only wounded slightly in one leg. The engine was on re, petrol was streaming from the left wing and the windshield was fractured. I immediately went over the side, my ’chute opened at 700 feet and I landed in the mangroves on the edge of Darwin Harbour’.

Robert McMahon celebrated his 21st birthday the day before.


Bombing of Darwin
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